Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley (chaoticerotic) wrote,
Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley

apartment pictures

These are the apartment pictures. The bed room shown is the "guest room".(two gay guys live here, the place was AMAZING. I will not have as nice a place until I get new furniture :(  ). The next is the stairwell leading to the 2nd floor, our new digs. Then, a corner of the living room...which is actually now painted a soft sage green. The last, the kitchen and dining area, is bigger than the picture looks to be. All of the lighting in the house are these gorgeous, tasteful fixtures (He owns several B&Bs in the area, and uses the same fixtures across the board in his other properties, from what it seems). The bathroom, not shown, has these amazing huge planks of OLD wood from the old shipyards (house was built by a person who worked there over a century ago) It is long and slightly narrow, with no tub, sadly, but a huge, custom tiled shower, and nautical feel in a grey blue, with soft lighting. The main bedroom, also not shown, is rectangular, the same gold color as the above living room photo, 2 closets and two doors, one on each end. There is a decent sized foyer on the stairwell landing, enough for a loveseat or perhaps a nice bench and table for a "mudroom". Basement storage, heat/gas/electricity/water included, coin op laundry in the building next door, also his property.
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