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lucid-ish dreams, important portents

When I was a kid, I had a dream world with a layout I could map out as though it were in physical space. Each part held contents chock-a-block with symbolic means - the school for info I was learning, a library with all of the info I have learned so far (even a book of my life was in there...and I was always prevented from reading past the present when I tried)....a house on a beach full of glass bottles full of wishes and fantasies. I used to be able to lucid dream there too. There were "my monsters and demons"...they would make chase and I would tire...trying to confront them always resulted in something blocking my view of it. When I tired I would "dive through" the "floor" of the dreamworld, and land in my body.

I had one of those kinds of dreams last night...after well over 15 years since I was last "there".

I was in a place I had not been able to go before. Sort of a victorian boarding house if the Winchester mansion was full of tenents and multidimentional. It was newest at the entrance as as I moved along into it, part of it were obviously aging and looking like a (decently kept) squat at times. Each few rooms had people in them, mostly conversing and having refreshments (all were dreamers and I knew no one). I had a guide but cannot remember his face, though it dawned on my in mid dream that my guide was a male version of myself, and trying to not make it blantant that we were the same person from different places. It was on the bare edge of lucidity, but I woke up...twice...while trying to fully grasp that i was asleep. Each time I would go back into the dream after waking, I was back in the main lobby and had to explore again. My guide insisted I map this to add to my long-unused dream city map. (note to self - time to get out the pen-n-ink and go buy some parchment). On the last go I almost made it to a distant "back door", but again, awoke. I NEED to know where this door goes.

The dream felt ...important. A portent. On the edge of a magical work another me in an alternate timeline  is creating to give us a crossroads. Actually, in essence, this dream struck me as a group working consisting of only myself

This is tied in with some things I've been toying with, in my mind, and in the world outside of my head too. I'm hoping I will have more to explore, to be more lucid in. I'm hoping I can go back there. I kind of think I NEED to. I've had a thousand little glimpses into a multitude of futures that are both mine and not, and a thousand new ways to find my way to the mythylogical Tavern at World's End.

I'm babbling.

I implore you...if you like to play with dreams, try to meet me there. I'll put out the brightest beacon I can muster. It may indeed, make a sound like a TARDIS, too.

Come visit.


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