Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley (chaoticerotic) wrote,
Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley


I had some interesting dreams last night. Obvious works of life-changing intents boiling around in my head.

The setting was a closed bar that was supposed to be the place I work at now, but was not actually. I was at the bar with a mold of my face. I was thinly slicing meats and lining the mold, because I was making a new face for myself. I was pouring in things from bottles behind the bar, none of them booze, incidentally. I kept tweaking the ingredients, and rearranging the meat-bits. The dream ended with my letting it sit to cure and set for later. Throughout, people came in and out of the room to observe and make suggestions or ask questions. The dream took place over a period of hours on and off during which i woke several times and resumed dreaming upon returning to sleep.

I feel it related to the sigil work I have been doing. My original intention has taken upon itself to expand the realm of influence as well. And this is good.

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