Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley (chaoticerotic) wrote,
Paloma Sangre, Queen of Uncanny Valley

Limitations on non-friends-readers

*start transmission*

General guidelines:
I can be communicated with via the following email: chaoticerotic AT gmail DOT com.

This is mostly Friends Only.

If you wish to be friended, please comment here. If you have recently added me but I have not interacted with you elsewhere, here is where you give salutation before I add you as well. Journals recently created, or with little content will not be added unless recommended by a friend or until I find good reason to.

I do run some communities, neurocam, pornpositivefem and pheromonal. I am a co-moderator at tummyfetish.

and, btw, if you use pheromones or want to try some, go here.

Free Samples

I love 'em.

That is all.

*end transmission*

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