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Nina Stanley's  painting (of my mask)

art photos

works from St. Rose and Sage students, from classes I've modeled for. Some are big, some small, I'm not sure why my cam phone varies the sizes. Some are fuzzy because bad lighting makes them suck. B&W pics are always so much clearer.

this one has a projection of an Alice Neel image on me, Gina's class.

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art photos.

The first one is mine. A little doodle that took 30 seconds or so. There was this bit of curly-paper that artists who use hard charcoal pencils peel off as they use them up on the floor, and for some reason it looked to me sort of like a skully-ribcage-spine thing. don't ask me why. I doodled this.

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under the cut is the same doodle with the curly-paper strip next to it. I have no idea why it made me think of a skully-ribcage-spine thing.

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