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Nina Stanley's sketch of my back

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I have so little to say since I've done nothing but fight with the computer the last few days.

Last night I had vastly amusing dreams. I worked in a stripclub with a HUGE real theatrical broadway-sized stage, and we did real showgirl shows...but also lapdances. For some reason, there was a functioning subway station directly behind the curtain. We used a de-commisioned car as a dressing room and it took us home after work. A different car next to it was the private dance room. They were Blue Line T trains from Boston.

Then later in the dream i was in a convertable car speeding along violently swerving through traffic in NYC, driven by big rats dressed in designer business suits who were carpooling and reading wall street journal and working on laptops and looking into briefcases, all important and arrogant but happy. 'Life in the Fast Lane' by The Eagles was on the radio. i woke up laughing, wondering exactly what my brain was trying to tell me about 'the rat race'.

Fischerspooner's Odyssey is a fucking awesome album. And so is the band The Faint, which I had forgotten all about until recently.

Figure modeling tonight was great. Some nights, it's boring and uninspired, depending on the people/teacher and my mindset. I love Sage's sketch club teacher, she encourages me to use props to 'tell a story'. It makes me get lost in fantasies and try to re-enact paintings...I did some fabulous back-bending poses, a semi-recreation of Henry Fuseli's Nightmare with a styrofoam gargoyle on my chest, a strange 'crucified' pose that had really dramatic lighting, some pinup, one where I was inspired and pretended I was a a nymph from a Waterhouse painting - only on the 'shore' and beckoning to the viewer while dipping my hand into the 'water' as well as copying Waterhouse's Mermaid pose, a buddah type pose, and a bunch of lovely twists and challenging poses. It's rare but rejuvenating when a whole class not only thanks you but praises you with comments on 'wonderful poses'...including a man who goes to all the local sketch clubs and has seen me for two years already, and has never said anything before and who never smiles, smiles and thanked me for the wonderful poses.