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This is so nifty! I read a post in burlesque_today by devilicia, which contain pictures of her burlesque performance re-enacting Innanah's Descent and Dance of the Seven Veils as a performance. Check out the post link! AWESOME costuming, especially the eyeball-pasties on Ereshkigal.

more of her flickr pics are found here.

BTW, I've forgotten to link you all to the vids of my italian housewife acts from last Bing Bamboo Room. IMHO, the first show's performance is superior, since you can see what is going on better and I'm a touch more graceful/less clumsy (note to self - no boozing w/o enough dinner next time, sloppy girl), and the fact that some guys head isn't blocking the view like there is in the same act on the second show. YET...go figure this out, because I have NO idea where these hits are coming from...

here are the vid hits stats for the two shows -

first show, italian housewife - 211 views, 183 downloads
second show, italian housewife - 11,974 views, 227 downloads.

I don't get it, who is linking to this? Just shy of TWELVE THOUSAND views in less than two weeks since its been up?

also the last links I gave, for the polka dot/beach girl act -

show one- 738 views, 11 downloads
show two - 827 views, 30 downloads.

I'm pleased, yet confused.

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Really, all i did today was LOTS of laundry. All the quilts and feather beds are put away for the season. And yet, there is SO much more laundry to do, *sigh*...

In other news, WOW on the response to my 'burlesque wants you for the Bing Bamboo Room' posts in the burly-q comms. Thanks for all the NYC gals who are offering to bedazzle us, truly, we need you to show us how its done, you dolls! I'll be emailing you all individually (sp?) most likely on sunday, to exchange details and when/how, ect, when I have a bit of a breather after a weekend of work and no kids to be minding that day. I'd also be honored to be part of the NYC burly-q scene again, so thanks for the 'exchange program' offers too! *shimmy of joy*

I need to polish my rusty ass up now, it seems. I've only been creakin' along on BBR, I've realized. Yowza. Hmmm. I STILL haven't narrowed down which show I want to do for Burlesque for choice, either. I'm leaning towards the Nun act...just 'cause, you know, it flies in the face of 'choice'. Maybe way over the top and be a pregnant nun who gives birth to a flying anti-christ baby? That may be too offensive for the cause tho...erg....(has 'jesus loves the little children' in my head, lol).

And who knew a dollar store would yield 10 cds that would be useful for burly q? I found americana, blues, dixieland (yes!), a RUSS MEYER soundtrack! - Cherry, Harry & Rachel, themes from movies done by an orchestra, a cd called 'the War Years' and useful for this month's spy theme, a cd of James Bond themes and music. Huzzah!

and some of those groucho marx type glasses-with-nose-and-mustache that might be useful as a 'disguise' for the spy act this month. Maybe.

The Bing Bamboo Room Burly Q needs your help!

We are based in Albany NY, it is a retro-formatted burlesque/vaudeville show. (no modern sounding music, in general)

Okay, here's the deal:

We normally have 3-5 dancers in any given show (which is a variety show, not just all burly-q girls): me -Ivy, Anna, Xzavier, Ruby, Morgan, Catt, none except me who are there every month.

As of this month? We have me, and Catt. Maybe.

Anna was in a terrible car crash last month (if you are local and come to the show, BTW, sign her get well card!), and will be sidelined for a really, really long time. Xzavier can't anymore, and Morgan/Catt/Ruby all appear on irregular schedules, so sometimes, this happens...we only have one, perhaps two, hoochie-coo girls! We need YOU!

We're not looking for pro-strippers, per se -- we'd much rather have enthusiastic amateurs than jaded professionals who won't have fun with the show...tho enthusiastic pros would also rock my socks! We adore having fun and always have a blast... camp, drama, and lots and lots of silliness. It doesn't matter what your body type is, because it's not about the skin -- it's about the show. And besides, there's plenty of room for Zaftig in Burlesque -- think Mae West!

If you enjoy any of the above, and you think you might possibly be interested in giving it a try, PLEASE contact either me...here, my journal, or email (chaoticerotic at gmail), and talk to us! Newbie? We'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to set you up with costumes, music, and even to help you work out a couple of ideas for a routine, if you are willing to dip your toe in and need some help starting up.

Also, if you juggle, if you do stand-up comedy, magic tricks, or any other sort of vaudeville-type act? We'd love to talk to YOU as well. The one thing we don't need right now is singers -- we've a damned glut on those, I'm afraid. But seriously -- if you're within, say, a circle of NYC, Boston, and Montreal, I will HAPPILY give you crash space at my house, or one of our other performers, so PLEASE consider it.
Pay is not high, but it's for the love of it. If you feel the love and want to help, tell me!


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wow...no one told any of us that Bing Bamboo Room also made it in an article, with Xzavier's picture, in the Saratogian on April 17h?? The Hell?

This and the Gazette within a week...we've had...what....6 or so articles,within the last year? The Metroland is the only holdout!!

Bing Bamboo Room!

OMG! It was ZEE BOMB. nasty_canasta was ZEE BOMB. I want to clone her. I agree with Maria, she puts all our dancers to SHAME. We just don't seem to have performers like that around here! I wish her darlin', Johnny Porkpie, had been in the show too. Now, if i could magically transport gstringgirl here for a show, I'd die happy. (because she's my hero).

Collapse )

I think this months shows that I did perform, did play out VERY well, tho...especially because I had ZERO time to rehearse the whole shebang due to various work schedules and so i ended up just rehearsing in my head after listening to the songs a bazillion times to get down the timing, which came out a touch different IRL, or course. Collapse )

Everyone did a fabulous job. Hazel joined our show - i've worked with her when i've done my drag as Al Dente at the Pheonix, and at the Pride Performance at the Park last year. Erin did a hugely funny Flashadancer routine (despite it breaking the retro format, but I'm glad to see some format variety myself!). Todd danced for and humped Smokey's mom, which was hysterical. Smokey's mom brought a group of her gal pals, and they were GREAT.

A REALLY REALLY cute nerdy shy girl said I was her favorite and was cutely flirty in the girls room. i wish I had asked her name. i was all flattered. She was SO CUTE! I could have eaten her up.

Maria & I were gonna go hang out w/Todd and watch last month's video, but he got a flat tire. *pout* J ended up rescuing us and driving them home. Ah well. I did get kisses! I love it when i get kisses from cute girls and gay men. I think I left my hat in his trunk too. I hope I did, anyway, as opposed to dropping it or something. Thats my favorite sunhat!

Also, i mistakenly took Mark's newspaper article of the Times Union feature story on us...which means either someone else has, or it is lost to the aether, the article Jim brought me from the Schenectady paper. *pouts* I hope I can photocopy someone elses. It has a pic of the Bamboozled show. I wanted to show Anna & Sandy they were in the paper.

Next month's theme, SPIES!

I need to post recruitment posts on LJ. We need new dancers and performers.

(HINT HINT, to some of you!!)

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I know I have gotten a few people emailing to mention I should give
you all more than 1-3 days notice. My apologies...my rediculous work week
tend to make one forgetful! Luckily, the peak season for me is ending,
and I will get more on the ball. In any case, remember, that unless
otherwise mentioned, our show is THE LAST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH. Also,
to answer another question, while I do sometimes know who will be on
the lineup, the absolute lineup often changes before the show date, so
in the future, while I will try to list who is expected each show,
that lineup is indeed subject to change.

We have been mentioned in an associated press release on Syracuse.com...

This month, we have a guest from NYC's Red Hot Burlesque, Nasty Canasta!

Also welcome a new Diva of Drag, Hazel!

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When: The date of the next event is APRIL 24th

Were: Savannah's -1 South Pearl Street Albany 518 426-9647

How Much: The cost of entry is $6.00 and it is open to all 21
y.o. and older.

The time of the show is at 8pm.
the doors open at 7:30pm
there are 2 shows with a 1 hour intermission.

Bing Bamboo Room Burlesque!

...is a monthly variety show featuring comedy,song,
dance,magic and performance art in the style of old
Vaudeville. Each month a different show is presented
at Savannah's.Interested persons who may wish to join
the show are encouraged to contact us at the show,
as we are always looking for new and different acts!
feather fan

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Bing Bamboo Room Burlesque presents this month, a Mardi Gras spectacular!

A few new faces will be introduced, including a live piano act, please
help us welcome them warmly :-)

When: February 27th at 8:00pm

This month is very exciting for us as we have moved to a new
location!You can expect the same high jinx and buffoonery as ever just
in the fab setting of Savannah's.

Where: Savannah's
1 South Pearl Street Albany 518 426-9647

the rest is par for the course..

The time of the show is at 8pm.
the doors open at 7:30pm
there are 2 shows with a 1 hour intermission.

The cost of entry is $6.00 and it is open to all 21
y.o. and older.

Interested persons who may wish to join the show are
to contact us at the show,as we are always looking
for new
and different acts, or contact us here at bingbambooroom@gmail.com

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