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Ok. I re-seated the RAM cards, cleaned out dust. I added the 40G drive as a slave (I'm going to switch it to master in the future). I added in the CD-RW. All that works....BUT...

ok, I tried running ImTOO after all that...it converted one Freakzoid episode, no problems. I tried another...and while I didn't get the BSoD, it said it was completed...but wasn't. Any other I've tried to convert since that first one has done the same. It says 'completed' but has only a few kbs done. I re-installed videora...same deal?

WTF does THAT mean now?

Also, from the computer I stripped, I have 2 SDR DIMM cards. My motherboard has two DDR (SIMM?) cards right now...there are two slots that look like they fit the SDR cards next to the DDR ones. Can I use them too?

Blue Screen of Doom

Ok my geek friends, I have a question.

I had been using Videora ipod converter to convert movie avi's to mp4's, and it worked for a while, before my summer vacation. When I returned, running it caused the Blue Screen of Death, a Memory Dump, every time. I took out Videora and instead put in ImTOO ipod converter ver 2.1. It also caused the BSoD.

How do I interpret the memory dump message to figure out what the conflict is so I can fix it? The other problem is that ImTOO will also cause it to reboot, sometimes before I can manage to even read the error message.

I'd really like to convert all my Freakzoid episodes (ALL of them!) for my ipod and get them off my computer, they take up too much space on my measly 20 G computer (it's a pieced together one, and really it's not 20g all in one spot - it's 2 separate 10g drives slaved together...and I have another 40 g one I just stripped from a discarded computer to add in later, but I digress.)

As always help in learning how to fix this is greatly appreciated.

EDIT:I should just go back to school for computer technology stuff. I need something to go back to school for, and so far, for an amatuer, I learn pretty well what computers are about if someone gives me a direction to go in....and I self motivate well....

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I'm BACK!!!!

Wow. I spent alllll last night...actually, 12 hours...trying to use a rescue utility from Paul. I managed to transfer desired folders into my storage drive, then tried to format the C drive. NOOOOOOOOOO. 'cannot format a network drive'. Fuck. It's not a network...try to change settings, only by now the 4-in-1 drivers have fucked my graphics beyond all recgonition, so that even using a CD Boot into windows DOS, the screen was covered in dots and the letter P that obscured large strips of the text. I tried to use the utility pretty much blindly to reset default settings, taking educated guesses from memory (I've only seen the screen for the utility a few time, and each sub menu), to try to clear up the problem. Each reboot, same problem. Each re-install (not a clean one, I couldn't format), the same problem. Finally, at the last few attempts to reformat/reinstall, the screen would go completely blank and stay that way. Nothing else would happen.

At that point I had been up 21 hours and my eyes hurt from staring at the screen and I was cranky and snapped at J and went to bed and cried a while.

As soon as i woke up, i tried again.

Apparently, the nice little techno gnomes heard me cry and took pity, because mysteriously, things set themselves right while i was asleep and the computer off. On reboot, the graphics errors were gone. The settings did not declare it was a network drive. It was reformatted. I owe the techno gods a sacrifice of a nice scientific calculator, I do.

So, i'm back. Reinstalling crap. Regrettably missing things i have to beg/borrow from others, like Office and Norton and Photoshop. But I have USB again!

But I'm back. Thank ye gods.
Kallisti Apple

#@%$!*@!! NO FRAGGIN USB....help?

I have the computer more or less back to where it was, minus a few programs i don't have discs for to re-install (photoshop 7, norton utilies, windows office)...but the fraggin thing HAS NO USBs now. They don't even show up in the device manager, not even with a little yellow question mark nor exclaimation point...the computer isn't 'seeing' them whatsoever. I already updated Windows Service Pack, I re-installed USB 2.0....at least I think I did....i hit the setup button from the zip file, and watched it install. There are all these other files and cab files in that zip, but all the readme said was to use 'setup'.

Still no USB, not even on the device manager. None. No USB root, no USB Universal Serial Port. I even spent a stupid $30 buying 'Driver Detective' to make sure I had appropriate drivers. I do. The Detective shows that I do have a USB Root file, and USB....but no, device manager doesn't see it that way.

I have things i use alot from usb...cam (which we use to watch the girls - J checks on them from work via Yahoo messenger - when they are home alone for a few hours lately, a major thing that makes me a little freaked out now to go work my night classes), ipod updates (another big thing), sync my PDA, crimsons mp3 player uploads, external drives, even my shitty semi-non-functioning burner. I can't do a damned thing with them, obviously.

When you reinstall windows 2000 pro, btw, is it usb enabled by default, or do I have to find my way to BIOS now and re-enable USB? I'm *really* confused that I don't even see the fraggin USB listed in device manager AT ALL. Confounded.

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found via alostrael

Dildos Banned in Tennessee

I'm halfway annoyed and want to beat someone with a BIG dildo, and halfway on the floor in amusement at the fucking sheer neo-puritanical stupidity of the american environment these days. It's like a badly written TV show.

Friday -

Maria came over and hung out. We had good dinner(note to self -plastic fork)., then I kept digging out all these different costumes for her to wear. Pics were taken. I think i love the clown costume the best. I wore some equally, if not stranger, ones - like my Big Bad Wolf and the Cow. Silly boots like the 6-inch fetish heels that have NO platform and are almost like toe shoes, and the heel-less hoof boots I 'reinvented' from some beat up platforms a few years back - even some shoes that aren't too far from fitting teeny-tiny-foot Maria. Eventually, you will see those, is my guess. :-) She stayed until morning light, when the computer suddenly went all attention-whore on me.

Saturday -

I didn't get to sleep until 3 pm yesterday. I worked the AM on phone (Graham on again), then started wrangling this damned machine, then picked up a disc of drivers I needed for the ethernet card from my friend Paul, hung out a bit with Samantha, dropped my bike off at the shop finally for an all around tune up and innertube replacement, grabbed lunch at a new cafe on Lark (mediocre food, beautiful athmosphere), then finally came home and DIED.

Woke late, emailed an excuse to the phone job saying 'sorry, i can't make even my reduced hours this pay period', and have been slaved to this thing since.

With an occasion break for a glass of wine (mmm, May Wine), coffee, or food (I have decided I *love* red quinoa, especially with tumeric, powdered chipotle pepper, cumin, garlic, a bit of olive oil, a spinkling of dulse flakes which really do taste better to me than salt).

Rediscovered Andrew Weil's Eating Well for Optimum Health in my library, re-reading it tonight.

Back to tweaking my damned computer.

Except for non-functioning Photoshop and Norton Utilities that I need to replace (anyone?), and the fact I cannot for the life of me seem to get sound yet even though I've reinstalled all the appropriate drivers, the rest is back to function, and I found files I thought I had lost as well.

I hate saying that I sometimes enjoy when my computers go ka-blooey and I have to spend a bazillion hours working it back to normal. I end up learning new things. Then it fluffs up my baby-geek feathers :-)

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well, i'm back, thanks for the registry keys.

Apparently I could have fixed it without reinstalling win 2000, but it's done, and now I have to re-install fucking EVERYTHING, because I lack all the drivers. I can't run Photoshop or any of the Norton Utilities anymore whatsoever because now it's missing 'personalized information'. FEH.

I have a malicious code thingie in my comp somewhere, some adware. I keep getting pop ups that look like windows warnings telling me about a corrupt registry key (exactly where the problem was), and if you click 'ok' it goes to a site to SELL you registry cleaners. They even make it look like its associated with Microsoft when it's not. I'm beginning to suspect that I might have gotten a 'bug' that purposely crashed my registry so I'd go buy the 'solution'.

Eh, now to go search for freeware regedits, hopefully one i can avoid fucking up my computer more with.

Kallisti Apple


On encoding subtitles into MPG4 files after conversion....

Ok, so I have these AVIs of asian horror movies. I also have these SRT files for the subtitles. They work together fine on my computer player, BUT....

SRT files do not seem to transfer into my ipod...so I can watch the movie (after converting the AVI to MPG4) , but no subtitles. ARGH.

Is there a way to combine the AVI & SRT files before converting to MPG4? Can I encode them together with a utility first before conversion to MPG4, or do I need to go learn how to re-encode the video stream and hardsub the file directly? (btw, I'm using the Videora Converter) Because I am getting totally lost with instructions I've googled, and I'm not sure my computer has enough ROOM for another utility, i've got so many files on BOTH HDs.....

time to trash pick another HD to use for image/file storage.

EDIT: what is vobsubs? it can be done via Nero Recode 2? ARGH THAT COSTS $$$!!

and what about 3GPP timed text, also known as MPEG-4 Streaming Text???


any similar free/shareware that does the same?