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Awesome night.

Went to sushi at Totem w/Maria....yummy. had saki cold for the first time - it was lovely and light and crisp like apples. And choclate green tea cheesecake.

Dresden Dolls show! Only saw one opening band, Golem, missed Reverend Glasseye...but I'm listening to their CD right now...very good! Golem was AWESOME. Violin, accoridian, stand up bass, trumpet, Ukrainian lyrics!

Saw micheal (apochellipsis)*waves*, as well as tenner and pallagia, some of the girls classmates, free school parents, a few local performers, some from the BQ show.

Maria stuck her hands in her pants, stuck them under my nose and I sniffed them. Twice. Heartily even! I also touched the fuzzies....*grin*

And Dresden Dolls....this is the first time I've seen them in a large venue. The only other times I've seen them was before fame overtook them, at a few Pan 9 parties in Allston, the last about 2 years ago (EDIT: Actually, here's a clip found via lj....of that very freaking performance at Pan 9! note to sraedi: this is of the song you expressed a willingness to dance to as a performance...). A big stage suits them. :-) They did an awesome cover of 'Halleluia' by Leonard Cohen.

The stage hands gave us leftover flowers from the front of Amanda's keyboard at shows end.

After the show, went in the long line for autographs, right at the very end. Held up a wee little sign in front of a drunken Berlin Amanda when I got up there, that read "Hi Berlin! The Slipper misses you. <3 Ivy"

She didn't see right away; she had her faced buried in Brian's arm, silly and drunk. He read it and looked surprised, then she looked...the expression on her face was precious. When she looked up, it was nice to see she remembered me. Caught up in a brief chat...the slipper, touring, what I'm doing, people we know. Mentioned the burlesque night here in Albany and she perked up saying they need burlesque dancers now and again (THAT would be nice, to be in a traveling performance entourage for even a very short stint or a few shows, eh?); we exchanged emails and I gave her my contact #. Hugs and all that were exchanged. Looking exhausted, they moved along to pack up to go home for the first real break they have had in the tour in months. I snapped blurry pictures in the elevator as they wandered off.

And I walked a short way with Maria, who is adorable and passive (teehee) and cute, did I mention CUTE???? ;-)

Bike rode home. Need to sleep now, *sigh*

EDIT: *dies laughing on the floor in hysterics*

Whoa. Found on http://dresdendolls.com , in the 'Hate Mail' section, there was a link to an anti-DD lj group, dresden_appalls. Wow, haters much? Some real fucking morons in there. Eyebrows went up because i personally know a few people in there. A few sensible folks (at least one I know), but damn. I also find it HYSTERICAL that people find her armpit hair to be the #1 thing to throw in as to why Amanda sucks. Everyone hates HER, not Brian. Ok, to some, maybe she's a pretentious artist, i can see that, i used to prance around plenty of them and god knows there were plenty at Pan 9, and *I* can be one too. I like her, but that's because I've worked with her and hung out. I never got the 'snotty and ignoring' treatment.

And I LIKE her hair. So there. :-P]

And actually, i like her even more now, if she draws such intense....jealousy fury out of people....

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found via alostrael

Dildos Banned in Tennessee

I'm halfway annoyed and want to beat someone with a BIG dildo, and halfway on the floor in amusement at the fucking sheer neo-puritanical stupidity of the american environment these days. It's like a badly written TV show.

Friday -

Maria came over and hung out. We had good dinner(note to self -plastic fork)., then I kept digging out all these different costumes for her to wear. Pics were taken. I think i love the clown costume the best. I wore some equally, if not stranger, ones - like my Big Bad Wolf and the Cow. Silly boots like the 6-inch fetish heels that have NO platform and are almost like toe shoes, and the heel-less hoof boots I 'reinvented' from some beat up platforms a few years back - even some shoes that aren't too far from fitting teeny-tiny-foot Maria. Eventually, you will see those, is my guess. :-) She stayed until morning light, when the computer suddenly went all attention-whore on me.

Saturday -

I didn't get to sleep until 3 pm yesterday. I worked the AM on phone (Graham on again), then started wrangling this damned machine, then picked up a disc of drivers I needed for the ethernet card from my friend Paul, hung out a bit with Samantha, dropped my bike off at the shop finally for an all around tune up and innertube replacement, grabbed lunch at a new cafe on Lark (mediocre food, beautiful athmosphere), then finally came home and DIED.

Woke late, emailed an excuse to the phone job saying 'sorry, i can't make even my reduced hours this pay period', and have been slaved to this thing since.

With an occasion break for a glass of wine (mmm, May Wine), coffee, or food (I have decided I *love* red quinoa, especially with tumeric, powdered chipotle pepper, cumin, garlic, a bit of olive oil, a spinkling of dulse flakes which really do taste better to me than salt).

Rediscovered Andrew Weil's Eating Well for Optimum Health in my library, re-reading it tonight.

Back to tweaking my damned computer.

Except for non-functioning Photoshop and Norton Utilities that I need to replace (anyone?), and the fact I cannot for the life of me seem to get sound yet even though I've reinstalled all the appropriate drivers, the rest is back to function, and I found files I thought I had lost as well.

I hate saying that I sometimes enjoy when my computers go ka-blooey and I have to spend a bazillion hours working it back to normal. I end up learning new things. Then it fluffs up my baby-geek feathers :-)