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LOATHE. I don't know why. I always take too much...or if I slim it down, there's always something I was going to take that I didn't and then regret. And I've got to shlep from here to Boston to NYC/Brooklyn and back.

And this packing is PATICULARLY annoying, as I not only have to pack hot and rain weather clothes, and high heels/stockings/makeup/slut clothes for stripping work, I also have to pack a fraggin HUMONGOUS costume for the Burlesque for Choice benefit with fans and head dress and a big giant velvet robe with a train and corsets and underthings and more heels and hairpieces....and the benefit costume and accessories TAKE UP HALF MY *LARGE* SUITCASE ALONE, not counting the feather head/fan bits, which have to be toted about in a big bag to avoid crushing.(EDIT: Fuck this, I put it in my HUGE suitcase, where it all fits, even the fans and head-dress, and the damn thing must weigh 60+ lbs. Wow, shoes with heels take up too much space and DAMMIT I CAN'T FIND MY SHOULDER LENGTH VELVET GLOVES! The fingerless elbow length velvet ones won't do. *grumble* Now I'll have to go buy new gloves, and I doubt I'll find anything but satin. ARGH! How much do you want to bet they are still in the basement and growing mold by now? WTF?!?!?!)

Sure, I could have picked something smaller, but ironically, its the song that I'm most familiar with that i chose for the benefit as to minimize rehearsing...which happens to be the song I ALWAYS use with this monstrosity. Not to mention, seeing a gal being all elegant, poised, in full Collapse )

...who then has to 'struggle' with the top g-string to strip it off, wrestling with it most unelegantly and turning it into a freakin comedy....well, thats my type of strip, and its one of my favorite acts to do (the music goes chaotic for the 'struggle' and culminates in a nice big cymbal crash when the clothes finally co-operate and then the normal sexy burly-q rag strut music continues)...

And I still have yet to cram in clothes and toiletries.


Other than that...well....teen issues with the older one. I'm NOT getting into it or I'll sit and transform into Evil StepMom.

On another note, now that I'm allowing the hair to grow in ...places...I'd like to do some photoshoots? I know two of you who would dig it, I'll look into some travel this summer. I'm also a bit nervous about doing burlesque with the fuzz in the fancy costume, but...at least feedback from pornpositivefem has given me some fortification. :-)

And hey, I find it funny that one of the photos that photobucket deleted (many were harkavy's wonderful shots, some were my own including a WONDERFUL retro theme nude set - not at ALL pornographic) included the full size jpg of THIS ICON, a stick figure!!! HOW does that break TOS? and WHY are some fetish shots, clothed.. gone (nuns with strapons and bondage in clothes!!!), SOME nudes gone, but not all??? I'm surprised no one deleted Collapse )

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some random pics.

First two are from Rusty's class. He has the 'mascot' skeleton in the class (Bucky is his name), all wrapped up to resemble an Abu Garib (sp?) picture. And then there is a pic of the cartoon that accompanied him on the blackboard, but it's fairly illegible.

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Nina Stanley's  painting (of my mask)

art photos

works from St. Rose and Sage students, from classes I've modeled for. Some are big, some small, I'm not sure why my cam phone varies the sizes. Some are fuzzy because bad lighting makes them suck. B&W pics are always so much clearer.

this one has a projection of an Alice Neel image on me, Gina's class.

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