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Let it be known that Fatal Frame 3 is both challenging and frustrating....Fatal Frame 2 doesn't work and will need to be returned...teenagers are maddening....I love reading intelligent books on smut and have REALLY got to get rid of the junkier books on my overloaded shelves to make room for all the new ones I bought/received for the holidays....I LOVE my new cookbook and will be making a lovely ham/lentil stew tomorrow.....Crimson is an AMAZING artist.....I am amping myself up to decimate clutter (SO MUCH CLUTTER) in this house over the next few months (with help from my domestic, whom I need to email now that I am home)....instant thai coffee sold in packets in chinatown really isn't so bad at all and I LOVE the tea kettle J's parent's got me.

I'll be emailing/calling folks back tomorrow about plans this week and the burlesque show, and returning to phone work. I just REALLY needed a decompression day before diving back into social activities and business.

Just a ramble, that is all.

Now, back to the insanity inducing videogame.