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Note to self: If you want to be warm, and don't care for milky hot chocolate...

making it with dark chocolate, melted in hot water, with a good couple of dashes of cayenne pepper...

Ohhhhh soooo gooood. A wonderful blend of flavors. And the pepper adds a genuine heat to warm me up.

Which I need, because the heat isn't working again.

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Ah! So I made some pumpkin soup. I based it roughly on the recipe david_anderson left for me here, in the comments, halfway down.

I ended up changing it quite a bit. I tried cooking 2 medium apples with the onions, as I had no applesauce. I cooked until translucent, 2 cups of small white onions and 2 cups of tart granny smiths in a glop of grapeseed oil. I added the seasonings in the recipe (I used green cardamom pods, crushed), but roughly doubled the ginger (I like heat), added a bit more curry, and also threw in small amounts of asafoetida, tumeric, cumin, and allspice, and a tablespoon each of apple cider vinager and maple syrup (I skipped the brown sugar). I added the beef broth/stock leftovers for liquid, and a good long pour from the apple cider jar. I added the entire can of pumpkin puree (more than 4 cups), and watered it down a bit more as it was thick.

Not bad. I'm going to simmer it awhile to develop the flavors. I might puree it smooth to blend the flavors more...the flavor of the chunks of still-tart green apple is too disparate from the rest of the mellow smooth/warm of the soup. That may change as it cooks.

I'll sprinkle some poppy seeds on top to serve, in a mug, with a nice crusty bread.

EDIT: It's actually perfect with crisp buttered popcorn on top. It balances out the apple crisp-ness perfectly!
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I still had some roast left from thanksgiving, and mashed potatoes and veggies.

So I took a quart of organic beef broth, poured it in a pot with the tupperware container of au jus leftover (made with the veggies and beef and stout), threw the leftover roast in the pot and simmered for 2+ hours until the meat fell apart when prodded. I'll be putting together a shephard's pie in about a half hour when the meat has cooled enough to shred. The broth left on the stove will make a perfect base for a nice french onion soup later this week....

mmmm. Good food....

my next search is for a savory pumpkin soup.